Pee in the bowl

This is the situation. The two dogs, Rocky and Cody, basically live in the kitchen or outdoors. Because of their complete lack of training, shedding and not reallly being house broken, I do not allow them the run of the house. In the kitchen they have seperate food bowls but share a water bowl. Apparently when the water bowl is empty, Cody, a mix Yorkshire Terrier and Matese desides to pee in it. Not sure why, but it is a big pain as his aim is not that accurate so I end up cleaning the floor. This in addition to Rocky, a pug, just peeing anywhere in the kitchen. The dogs go out numerous times during the day to do there business, which again, I have to clean up. Cody has even been outside and then come in to pee.

And you wonder why I don’t like these dogs. Every morning and everytime I come home I have to check the kitchen floor before I enter to make sure I don’t step in anything.

The Begining

Ah, where to start. I guess I should start with an introduction of some sort. Middle aged, suburban living, family man. Three kids and a wife of 26 years. Son 24, daughter 20 and another son 9.

As a suburbanite I guess it’s expected that I should have pets. Everyone else does. At least that’s what my family believes. As far a pet ownership is concerned, I am usually consulted after the fact.

This blog will recount my dealings with my pets, others pets as well as comment on other subjects I find interesting. This is completely self indulgent. 

I will start off with a list of pets I have had and still have. Starting with the earliest:

BJ – Beagle mix 1970′s

Jeepster – Cockatiel 1980′s – 1990′s (the best pet ever)

Sasha – Mutt 1990′s

Patches – cat 1990′s

Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon – Guinea Pigs 2000′s

Various Hermit Crabs – 2000′s to current

Now I’m a little fuzzy on the times of these various cats.

Oreo – cat 2000′s

Roxy – cat 2000′s

Max – cat 2000′s

Crazy Cat (the best ever) 2000′s

Midnight – cat 2010′s

Cloe – cat current

Zoey – cat current

Cody – Morkie (Maltese Yorki mix) dog current

Rockey – Pug dog current

 I need to take a rest now.